Apollo Drive – My Dream Home

It has happened. I’ve fallen more deeply and madly in love than I ever thought was possible. With a home that is. My preferred style of architecture and decor changes so often that sometimes I worry I’ll never be satisfied when it comes to owning a home of my own. Downtown heritage loft? Ocean side beach home? Alpine cabin full of Canadiana? Yes, they have all topped my list at some point. Finally though, I have come across a home so livable, so stylish and so me (at least I want it to be me), that I could never stray.

Everything about this Salt Lake City abode is perfect to me. What I like best is that it feels attainable in a way, the first thing that I noticed in these photos is that it actually looks like people LIVE there. The palette – neutral and natural. The wood looks like wood, the stone looks like stone and every last modern, rustic detail is curated to add all of the personality. I can only hope that one day I can live in a home this beautiful and this well thought out.

Please check out Salt Lake City’s Cityhome Collective for more details about Apollo Drive and about a million other inspiring photographs, properties and ideas.


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